Cop Story

A story with cops in it. Secretly a disability bingo.

1-12 - Guilt Trip

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June 11th, 2018, 10:17 am

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Oly-RRR, June 11th, 2018, 10:32 am

"See son, back before you were born, having some demeaning imagery of women on the wall of your workplace was actually a requirement. They'd stone me out of the station otherwise."

Last time we left Leicester to his own devices he was putting out kitchen fires, raising a son, killing a tree, planting a snake, you know, the usual manly stuff...

And yeah, in case this feels like a memory for you too, I did draw it as a short before and then I thought telling a sad backstory in three panels was so nice I had to do it twice. A word of caution, if you browse the short stories archive further back it might be spoilers for this chapter (or not, I rewrote a lot) but everything forward from the linked page is just random shorts to read at any point. C:

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User Comments:

Lutztoons, June 11th, 2018, 3:34 pm

Every time you upload a new page, it's like getting a little Christmas gift. C:

That little backstory says so much in so few panels. I love that washed-out color scheme you used, it really calls back the feeling of a faded memory. And oh God, that calendar actually made me laugh. It looks like her boobs are clapping.

And that detail of soot all over Liecester sitting there with soot all over him is great. It makes me wonder how bad that fire was and what he had to do to put it out. It's a story element that's not put into words, but visual details like that make you engage with the narrative more. Meanwhile, Houston is totally passed out, completely oblivious. I'm wondering if he'll remember any of it--do his seizures cause memory gaps?

Once again, great page!! I'll probably keep coming back to it later because something new jumps out at me every time I look at it. The tiny details you put in your pages make my eyes and brain happy! :3

Oly-RRR, June 11th, 2018, 5:38 pm

@Lutztoons: Ehehe, thank you! Working on making them at least slightly more frequent than Christmas. :D

That calendar existed since the old draft and I couldn't let go of that ridiculousness so I put the antigravity boobs lady in a flashback (and it looked like she was laughing at me every time I was struggling with something on the page lol). These days the CID dudes just have to get used to changing their desktop wallpapers REALLY FAST.

That wasn't a really big fire, just a lot of bad things happening at the same time (as they tend to). Houston won't remember much besides blacking out and feeling tired later and will continue being his cheery self. His dad is so wound up about it mostly because he doesn't get to see Houston's seizures that often, being the family's only breadwinner and all. And seizures becoming more frequent would be a problem, and it's easier not to think of that possibility when you're off at work dealing with car thefts.

There should be more about all the Leicesters later but it's not exactly spoilers so I wanted to reply now. X)

Lutztoons, June 12th, 2018, 2:17 pm

@Oly-RRR: You're welcome! I'd love to see even more pages from you, but there's no need to rush it--the thought and care you put into your work really makes it stand out.

Isn't it funny when certain small details jump out at you enough to include them when you revisit an old concept years later? Hahaha, they'll have to keep an eye on those screensavers.

Man, John must be feeling some intense guilt. Blowing off Houston's birth because he had paperwork to do, not knowing the complications, and not seeing many of his seizures looks like it's weighing on him. I'm wondering if he's using work to hide from the reality of the situation. There's a lot of thought-provoking content packed into just one page.

I'd love to know more about them, they're an interesting family! As long as there's no spoilery stuff. XD

Oly-RRR, June 12th, 2018, 4:01 pm

@Lutztoons: John's deal is that he lives between two different worlds - he doesn't bring work home (which is a common coping strategy for police officers, especially the ones with children) but he also keeps his family life as far way from work as possible. He doesn't always do it gracefully but that's definitely better to show than tell. <:D

And guilt is such a weird thing... Logically Leicester being there when Houston was born wouldn't matter much (CP is caused either way before or during/shortly after birth and mostly can't be prevented by doctors, let alone a father being there). And I know stories of fathers being late/absent when their kid was born that become funny family legends - but this ain't the one. I think the thing with guilt is that we get some unfortunate phrase or less than perfect decision tied to a sad event and then we keep projecting it again and again, even if there isn't much actual logic behind it. Ifs and buts and all...

Speaking of that I'm feeling kinda guilty I couldn't fit some happier stuff in this chapter - the Leicesters are actually one of the happier more functional families of Cop Story! This chapter just wasn't built to hold a lot of happy stuff. All the more reasons to draw on!

spiremint, June 11th, 2018, 3:52 pm

wow, you really packed a lot into one page with such grace, it's blowing me away! oh how quickly life changes.

Oly-RRR, June 11th, 2018, 5:45 pm

@spiremint: Thank you! :) Well, a part of it was an old idea but it's one of those memories that creep up on Les whenever he's feeling guilty.

The one thing that never changes? Leicester's moustache. 8I

kayotics, June 11th, 2018, 6:16 pm

Oh my god, I love that calendar, though. That's an incredible boobs and butt pose.

Oly-RRR, June 11th, 2018, 8:34 pm

@kayotics: Haha, now you see why I couldn't let the calendar go... Though it's best not too think too much about how it all comes together anatomically. XD